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Supporting customer engagement and wagering growth

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StrideMASTER is an innovation leader, combining technologies such as GPS, infrared and motion sensors in customised products for the thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing industries.

Utilising precision componentry, StrideMASTER delivers accurate and reliable sectional timing and positional data, that can be incorporated seamlessly into the racing data and broadcast ecosystems.

StrideMASTER delivers the individual sectional timing data that wagering customers want, growing engagement and commercial returns.

The StrideMASTER database technologies also generate a suite of automated consumer wagering form products, such as speed maps and ‘black booker’ reports.

Data can be delivered live to support broadcast objectives including post-race analysis.

The data also includes biometric information on every racing animal which provides powerful insights into an individual animal’s capability, performance and wellbeing.

With ten years of in-market success, StrideMASTER has a veritable track record of partnering with sporting authorities, to deliver genuine innovation to enhance racing’s data capture, broadcast and control.

Broadcast Integration – NZ Trackside

Broadcast Screen

Enhance broadcast with live data such as:

  • Race time
  • Track position
  • Leader speed
  • Sectional times
  • Position in running

Technology Systems

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GPS Timing Systems

GPS timing technologies have emerged as the “gold standard” across most timing applications. StrideMASTER utilises high-quality, precision components, to ensure the data is highly accurate, robust and reliable. GPS technologies are survey-grade and components have been miniaturised for racing.

The system can be deployed as either a “live” system (that can be integrated with broadcast or streaming platforms) or a “post-race” system which is highly portable.

Biometric data capture includes stride length and duration, the number of strides in a race and calculated measures of athletic efficiency. The system can automatically detect and flag anomalies in stride data that can help identify injuries and provide important assistance to regulators, trainers and owners.

StrideMASTER integrates with existing photo finish technologies and uploads data seamlessly into industry data services, such as Racing Australia’s database.

GPS timing systems are used in equine sports in Tasmania (thoroughbreds) and New Zealand (harness racing).

Infra-red Timing Systems

Delivering timing and positional data at the speed of light, the infra-red systems have been uniquely developed for the greyhound industry.

StrideMASTER’s technologies provide, individualised split timing and positional data for every greyhound in a race.

The system utilises a miniaturised tracker on the dog that, for the first time, captures biometric data which can help identify injuries and incidents.

The technology provides an unprecedented level of visibility of canine performance and will provide invaluable information for regulators, trainers and owners.

We believe that StrideMASTER’s technologies are set to become a world-leader in this fast-paced and growing sport.

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New Welfare Solutions

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Biometric screening to identify ‘at risk’ horses and dogs

The StrideMASTER system uses a highly-sensitive device placed on the animal to capture data throughout the race or workout.

Data is generated from sensors and combined with GPS and timing data to create a unique and extremely accurate picture of an individual animal’s movement and performance. Devices are lightweight, do not impede performance and have gained relevant safety approvals from operating jurisdictions.

The data is used to generate a biometric profile for each animal. The biometric profile reflects the stride characteristics of the individual captured during the running of a race, trial or in training.

Stride characteristics are highly repeatable and once the profile is built, variations in stride compared to the profile, can be detected and flagged for investigation. The profile is strengthened by repeated data sets (training workouts and races).

The biometric profile is a powerful tool to improve welfare management, in that it helps to identify animals at risk, before a serious injury occurs.

The highly sensitive data capture technologies can detect minor variations in stride pattern. A horse or dog may suffer a minor injury which may not be detected clinically but may cause sub-clinical anomalies which can be detected in the stride pattern.

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The technology allows for powerful, real-time analysis of individual performance data, providing an unparalleled level of scrutiny of animal health and welfare.

The technology can also be used by regulators, to assess an animal returning to training or racing, following a recovery period.

The system will provide quantifiable data regarding the animal’s post-recovery stride and compare this to its previously established  biometric profile. This data provides for greater confidence in regulatory processes and evidence in the event of challenge.

StrideSafe allows for the screening and proactive management of animal welfare, with the ability to identify issues and potentially avoid injuries before they manifest clinically.

Welfare Management System

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New Integrity Solutions

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Automated racing incident detection

StrideMASTER has developed a unique integrity management system called StewardASSIST.

This is a race anomaly detection system that utilises machine learning algorithms to automate the analysis of a race.

The system relies on the high precision tracking and biometric data captured by StrideMASTER.

Artificial intelligence technologies have been applied to develop sophisticated proprietary algorithms, that can detect racing incidents such as interference, checks and bumps.

The system has been developed from a database of over 25,000 races.

StewardASSIST will generate a report within ten minutes of the completion of a race, flagging incidents for the attention of the stewards.

The post-race reports can assist stewards during the scrutiny of video replays by providing accurate quantifiable data.

The system is designed to complement and integrate with the stewards’ existing regulatory decision-making processes, providing automated incident detection and objective evidence.

StewardASSIST brings 21st century technologies to the stewards’ room. It provides powerful new insights into racing incidents, enhancing integrity and building customer confidence.

Integrity Management System

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Our Ethos

We are racing people and have a lifelong passion for the sport and its racing animals.

StrideMASTER’s philosophy is to develop and deploy cutting edge technologies that support and enhance the business and operational goals of our clients.

With deep racing and wagering industry knowledge, we utilise our technology expertise to deliver practical solutions for the racing industry. We understand the commercial drivers for our clients and build products that enhance customer and participant engagement.

Innovation and continuous improvement are hard-wired into our DNA,  as is our passion for improving animal welfare. That is why we work in partnership with our racing clients to refine our technologies and we are proud that our systems have set new high watermarks regarding industry “best practice”.

The community expects that the racing industry should utilise every available technology in order to safeguard our racing athletes. We believe that our technologies provide an unprecedented level of performance and biometric screening, that can genuinely enhance welfare outcomes.

Track Record

StrideMASTER first developed training monitoring systems for use in the thoroughbred industry in 2009.

Recognising the superiority of GPS technologies for timing and positional data, the company focused on developing robust and reliable tracking systems for the equine industry.

Through the incorporation of precision sensor data, StrideMASTER was able to combine these technologies in a unique manner that provided an unparalleled level of insight into equine athletic performance.

StrideMASTER partnered with Tasracing in 2010 and developed one of the world’s first GPS, fully-integrated race day timing systems.

With nearly ten years of uninterrupted operation, the StrideMASTER system has helped the Tasmanian racing industry to grow and position itself as a leader in data capture and presentation.

In 2017 StrideMASTER launched the “live” system for harness racing at Addington in Christchurch, New Zealand. Working with Addington Raceway and Harness Racing NZ, StrideMASTER data is integrated into NZ’s national racing channel “Trackside”.

StrideMASTER works with a network of veterinary researchers in the development and enhancement of our animal welfare applications.

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About us

David Hawke

Managing Director, Co-founder and Owner

David has substantial experience in the sports management industry, including the planning, development and management of large sports infrastructure investments and the development of sport performance data capture systems. With nearly a decade of experience at StrideMASTER, he is currently responsible for strategic planning, product design, development and delivery.

His previous experience includes appointments as Strategic Planner and General Manager – Planning and Infrastructure at Racing Victoria and prior to that in project management roles in the finance industry.

David holds a Bachelor of Economics from Monash University and a Graduate Diploma of Management – Sport Management from Deakin University.

Mike Hildebrandt

R&D Director, Co-founder and Owner

Mike has extensive experience in satellite data communications systems, container terminal monitoring systems, wireless monitoring applications, real time wireless data collection systems, satellite-based positioning and data collection systems.

For nearly a decade at StrideMASTER, he has overseen the development of project specifications, systems integration and the successful management of project outcomes.

Mike has previously served as the Director Research & Product Development for DP World; was the Managing Director and owner of Satellite Telemetry Pty Ltd; and was the Australasian Area Manager for the French Space Agency – Argos Division.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Otago University (NZ), a Master of Business Administration from Cranfield University of Technology (UK) and a Graduate Diploma in Digital Communications from Monash University.

Dr Eliot Forbes

to the Board

Eliot joined StrideMASTER as an advisor to the Board in 2019 and provides the Board with strategic, marketing and animal welfare advice. In his CEO roles at Racing Queensland and Tasracing, he was responsible for driving revenue growth through wagering policy and delivered significant financial turnarounds in both states.

He is a former Board Director of Racing Australia and Greyhounds Australasia, was a member of the national Veterinary & Analysts’ Committee for each of the three codes of racing and was the inaugural Chairman of Racing Australia’s Retirement of Racehorses Committee. He currently serves as a committee member of the International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses (IFAR) and is widely recognised as a leading authority on racehorse welfare and aftercare.